Kea Trevett


Love's Labors Lost at Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis (full review here):

Smith and Kea Trevett are well matched as the King and Princess, each fluid and graceful, wisely demurring to their close friends in this fanciful battle of gender and wit." - Tina Farmer, KDHX

Richard III, an all-female production dir. Nana Dakin (full reviews here and here):

"Kea Trevett’s turn as Queen Elizabeth hits emotional notes both comedic and deeply tragic." — Levi Cohen, ""

Little League, presented by Horse Trade Theater Group's Frigid 2018 *festival award winner BEST COMEDY* (read full reviews here and here):

"...Kea Trevett’s portrayal of Marsha is particularly captivating and her embarrassment palpable as she finds herself (due to a chance meeting) enmeshed in a conversation with Sam the teenager about love while simultaneously wanting to acquire some pot from him. Her physicality and her Kristen Wiig-esque comedic chops are on full display..." -- My Entertainment World

" And then there's Kea Trevett, the ace of this squad. Mark my words, we will see Trevett as an SNL regular in a few years." -- Theater Is Easy, *Best Bet*

Joy, written & directed by Katie Cappiello (full review here):

…Trevett is fierce." - Theater Is Easy, *Best Bet*

A Midsummer Night's Dream, dir. Josh Perl, presented by The Hamptons Independent Theater Festival (full articles here, here, and here):

while hapless Helena, played with comic acuity by Kea Trevett…" - Newsday

"The biggest laugh of the night was owned by Kea Trevett, who as the distraught Helena spends the play chasing Demetrius through and around the grove." - East Hampton Star