Kea Trevett


Smart, Ensemble Studio Theatre

"Between Trevett's sweet and gentle rendition (singing along to Joan Baez's cover) and the circumstances that have Eliane up in the middle of the night self-soothing with a song, it is a-poignant moment." - Adrienne Onofri, Off Off Onlinc

"Kea Trevett brings considerable magnetism to Elaine, whose hyper competence, challenged by the deteriorating situation at home, is revealed to have a steely, resentful undertone." - David Barbour, Lighting & Sound America

"When Elaine starts singing while doing the dishes, Trevett's voice is so beautiful that it's both a little disconcerting and completely wonderful.” - Wendy Caster, Talkin’ Broadway

"The cast is wonderful, presenting beautifully honest performances." - Holli Harms, The Front Row Center

"The performances, including Jenny, are excellent, displaying the range of reactions the play’s scenario creates—frustration, flirtation, anger, humor, sarcasm, indecision, grief, guilt, happiness, sadness, loss, acceptance." - Walter Murphy, Theater Pizzazz

Coming To Terms, dir. Kait Gallagher (full review 

"The filmmaking also does justice to lead actor Kea Trevett's rich, vulnerable performance, which is able to communicate the tricky double act of trying to hide the truth from one's self, even as that truth is coming to the surface."

Love's Labors Lost at Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis (full review 

"Smith and Kea Trevett are well matched as the King and Princess, each fluid and graceful, wisely demurring to their close friends in this fanciful battle of gender and wit." - Tina Farmer, KDHX

Richard III, an all-female production dir. NYTW Fellow Nana Dakin (full reviews here and here):

"Kea Trevett’s turn as Queen Elizabeth hits emotional notes both comedic and deeply tragic." — Levi Cohen, ""

Little League, presented by Horse Trade Theater Group's Frigid 2018, winner of an encore series performance, the festival award for BEST COMEDY ( read full reviews here and here):

"...Kea Trevett’s portrayal of Marsha is particularly captivating and her embarrassment palpable as she finds herself (due to a chance meeting) enmeshed in a conversation with Sam the teenager about love while simultaneously wanting to acquire some pot from him. Her physicality and her Kristen Wiig-esque comedic chops are on full display..." -- My Entertainment World

" And then there's Kea Trevett, the ace of this squad. Mark my words, we will see Trevett as an SNL regular in a few years." -- Theater Is Easy, *Best Bet*

Joy, written & directed by Katie Cappiello (full review here) :

"…Trevett is fierce." - Theater Is Easy, *Best Bet*

A Midsummer Night's Dream, dir. Josh Perl, presented by The Hamptons Independent Theater Festival (full articles here, here, and here) :

"…while hapless Helena, played with comic acuity by Kea Trevett…" - Newsday

"The biggest laugh of the night was owned by Kea Trevett, who as the distraught Helena spends the play chasing Demetrius through and around the grove." - East Hampton Star

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